Interval Training for Everyone
No matter your fitness or skill level, Sudore Wellness plans a blend of physical therapy and interval training workouts that are tailored to your fitness needs and capabilities. Our certified personal trainers will ensure that you are exercising hard enough and that you are taking breaks when you need to. We will make sure you are training the right way so you can effectively burn those stubborn calories. It’s time to make the true difference!
Is this training for me?
Age is Just a Number!
“But I'm just not young enough to go to a gym anymore.” 
If you are a senior and feel that you are not able to push your limits, let us make it easier for you.
Your age should not be an excuse that holds you back from getting in the best shape of your life. We offer workout plans for seniors as well as our younger members. Come and join the Sudore Wellness family today, where seniors are just as welcome as teenagers and receive the same personalized care.
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